Innovation Café

The Innovation Café is an annual “strategic action” planning gathering for community residents to interact and chat with national thought leaders and experts around varied innovation issues important in the new innovation economy, especially manufacturing diversity. 

Manufacturing Idea Challenge

The Manufacturing Idea Challenge is a strategic entrepreneurship initiative to encourage manufacturing idea generation and innovation to foster new businesses and increase the number of diverse manufacturing owners. Given the right incentives, opportunities, tools, and support, there are residents in inner city neighborhoods that can build this region’s future manufacturing enterprises that will create jobs, higher pay, and increase regional economic productivity.

Micro-Equity Fund

The Manufacturing Diversity Institute’s Micro-Equity Fund is an investment vehicle specifically designed to bring investment capital to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s under-served communities. MDI defines “under-served communities” as African-American, other people of color and Military Veterans.  The fund provides under-served entrepreneurs with a new and flexible source of equity capital with the intentions of helping start-ups develop into successful small-to-medium size companies.