MDI works through its outreach platform to do away with the negative legacy of manufacturing by designing programs, initiatives, and events to change the public’s perception and uninformed image of manufacturing in addition to promoting advanced manufacturing as a high end profession of choice. A major MDI goal is to attract more under-served individuals to manufacturing opportunities.
First and foremost, manufacturing is the backbone of the global economy. According to the globally respected company Siemens:
  • In terms of innovation, manufacturing has 77% share of global research and development
  • In terms of exports, manufacturing is responsible for 70% of global trade
  • In terms of GDP, manufacturing provides 17% of global GDP
Advanced manufacturing is changing the way we make things. Yet, most Americans, especially youth are not aware of manufacturing professional careers and income opportunities nor are they equipped with the knowledge to plan for a career in manufacturing. Adults, youth, k-12 educational providers, community based organizations need to learn about the opportunities that modern manufacturing offers. In terms of under-served youth, MDI is determined to instill in them a positive attitude towards manufacturing and help them understand the industry's unlimited opportunities open to them. Therefore, MDI provides outreach services building systems that leverage untapped human capital to achieve manufacturing diversity resilience and transformation.
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MDI helps its clients create outreach events like speaker sessions and workshops, innovative projects, ideas, proposals, identify potential partners and facilitate networking (both formal and informal) and resources sharing among collaborative groups who want to advance manufacturing as a way of life. MDI uses it extensive networks to assist clients to convene and create synergies with like-minded individuals and organizations to tackle difficult manufacturing diversity outreach problems that they could not solve by themselves. To that end, MDI works with clients to put their existing and new connections into measurable actionable practices focused on delivering practical and enduring results.
MDI serves as the primary outreach point of contact for institutional alliances driven by a desire to establish manufacturing diversity ecosystems along with the tactics to make them successful. MDI is able to offer clients a full range of outreach services because of its access to manufacturing networks, businesses, educational programs, universities and colleges, and industry connections.
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