Drawing from a repository of rich organizational theories and practices, MDI works with organizations, cities, states, regions, and nations interested in manufacturing diversity to manage and lead manufacturing change processes and systems in complex manufacturing ecosystems. We design formidable strategies in concert with our clients and their networks and chart progress from design through implementation. Simply put, we make change happen by focusing on improving efficiencies and aligning resources to prioritize and deliver high quality and high value manufacturing diversity results.
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We serve clients at every level of the manufacturing ecosystem from small under-served emerging manufacturing firms, large corporations, governments, research centers, communities, member associations, educational institutions and other entities that want to re-think and re-direct efforts aimed at creating greater diversity value in the manufacturing industry.
MDI brings a wealth of experience in designing and implementing organizational development services like capacity building and opportunity management, Idea Labs (generation of transformative ideas), business strategy, leadership development, organizational assessment, strategic planning, e-learning tools and on-line solutions . These collective services allow our clients to identify core areas of improvement and the leadership necessary to tackle problems head on. More importantly, these services generate fact based results planning that informs long-term manufacturing diversity strategic planning. MDI works with it clients to develop an agile and informed manufacturing human capital pool capable of next level innovation, creativity, and the ability to solve some of manufacturing’s most pressing problems.
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