MDI realizes that increasing the participation of individuals from under-served communities in the manufacturing industry as employees, innovators, and entrepreneurs is a political team sport - meaning it requires lots of committed people with lots of different talents, connections, resources, and networks all working together to develop specific manufacturing diversity policy proposals and initiatives. We specifically offer clients expertise in developing (capture management) services aimed at organizing public/private efforts to develop funding strategies around state and federal grant opportunities. We understand that accessing government dollars requires collaborative organization, conceptualization, and integrated action across multiple knowledge and policy communities.
Our government relations services provide clients with unique portals to launch organic support and develop their own advocacy efforts to address pressing and complex manufacturing diversity policy issues. We expose our clients to network resources that help them cultivate opportunities for leadership maturity through awareness and understanding of policy and political issues affecting under-served communities in the manufacturing industry.
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MDI organizes seminars, workshops and conferences. It also prepares policy papers in the form of white papers and other publications addressing manufacturing diversity. MDI serves as a resource for policymakers, elected officials, and other interested members of the public. It operates on the value and belief that public knowledge and action is power that can shift the tide of community decline and nihilism to clear pathways for robust collective action and shared economic prosperity.
We assist government relations clients and we solve manufacturing diversity and economic development challenges. We convert challenging manufacturing policies that lack diversity and inclusivity into winning policy solutions geared toward creating more representation among under-served individuals. This results in a more vibrant economy, a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem, and a culture of manufacturing diversity.
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