Entrepreneurship training is holistically integrated into MDI’s total service portfolio. Our portfolio is bustling with some of the nation’s best minds in entrepreneurship and small business development. This experienced team has successfully created entrepreneurs and needed job opportunities through mentoring, coaching, and conducting skills assessments at both the personal and professional level.
MDI’s leadership strongly believes that in order for under-served individuals to help cities, regions, and nations globally compete, they must be the direct recipients of next level competitive tools like real-time and game changing entrepreneurship training. MDI’s entrepreneurship training regiment is designed to be an employment strategy that can lead to self sufficiency. Also, our programs are designed to fill the gap of manufacturing entrepreneurship leadership preparedness in underserved communities.
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MDI builds entrepreneurship training systems so underserved individuals can learn important organizational skills including time management, managing money and other resources, leadership development, and interpersonal skills. Our entrepreneurship training services offer solutions to community problems by preparing individuals to be responsible, enterprising, risk taking, and results oriented.
Through advances in technology, MDI is able to offer well structured and efficiently monitored on-line entrepreneurship training initiatives to be delivered directly to individuals' homes, businesses, community centers and neighborhood libraries via the internet. The training is packaged in the form of video modules that are specifically designed to introduce to underserved individuals a whole new entrepreneurship language, vocabulary, and mindset. The ultimate goal of MDI’s entrepreneurship training is to create an innovative culture in low wealth and underserved communities that will embrace developing new companies that create cool products that create or satisfy market demand.
MDI works to create new manufacturing diversity firms in addition to assisting existing underserved firms expand new markets and increase sells. Youth training is geared toward developing curriculums with broad strokes that will entice targeted youth to consider manufacturing as a career pathway but most importantly to understand the importance of someday establishing their own manufacturing firm. Today’s youth are more tech savvy and are gifted with a “digital six sense”. The center piece of MDI’s youth entrepreneurship training is directed at exposing them to advance technologies that are re-shaping the manufacturing entrepreneurship landscape.
Our years of significant entrepreneurship training expertise allows us create for our clients transformative training aimed at organic responses to a project area’s economic challenge. The impact of our training expands the number of underserved manufacturing entrepreneurs as well as the process to develop more opportunities.
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