Manufacturers face numerous challenges like increasing efficiency, shortening time to market, and enhancing flexibility. However, the majority of them agree that their major challenge is finding diverse and capable talent that will help them ensure sustainable growth and increased market share. This challenge creates further concern among manufactures due to the reality of a retiring manufacturing workforce that will unfortunately take with them decades of manufacturing intellectual talent, knowledge, and know-how.
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MDI’s educational & certification efforts are designed to help clients create educational training systems aimed at producing entry level employable individuals who can ultimately progress to become focused high-value task ready individuals. As a national demonstration project, we have access to manufacturing training expertise with experience in building approaches and processes that produce reliable educational and credentialing results. We help clients make manufacturing education accessible and excellent.

Through our extensive network, we’re able to build a wide range of education and certification programs and pathway opportunities in several manufacturing sectors. As a business services partner of the University of Wisconsin-Extension Division of Business and Entrepreneurship and strong relationships with two nationally recognized technical colleges that have stellar reputations for their delivery of proven educational stackable certifications, we’re tapped into a large educational system network of manufacturing training best practice models geared toward building stable communities and building the workforce of the future anchored by diverse talent.
To that end, MDI designs and implements strategic roadmaps aimed at capturing diverse human capital that can raise individuals out of poverty and unlock business opportunities by solving complex manufacturing talent problems. MDI facilitates collaboration within manufacturing ecosystems to architect new educational programs that expand the supply of under-served ready employees who are prepared to enter the manufacturing industry.
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