MDI Secretary
Director of Programs and Operations

Manufacturing Diversity Institute
4201 North 27th St., 7th Floor
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
(414) 331-4132

Steve P. Adams

In his role as Director of Programs and Operations, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of MDI’s operations, staff, and finances. He provides assistance and support in the managing of the organization’s direction, assessing the organization’s strengths and opportunities, and ensuring that optimal operating procedures are implemented throughout the organization.

In addition, he is currently the Chief Operating Officer and a founding partner for The Global Capital Group, LLC, a global business trans-disciplinary entrepreneurship and economic development consulting firm in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


In addition, he is the Founder and Owner of Community Development Management Partnerships (CDMP) in Milwaukee. CDMP presently focuses on commercial corridors revitalization in urban emerging markets, as well as, engages in local communities and neighborhoods around regional economic development and planning issues.

He has served in numerous capacities within the community and economic development arenas. Upon graduating from Marquette University’s School of Engineering, he has worked in the private sector in various technical and managerial roles, primarily serving commercial and industrial customers. He worked in the government sector, at both the county and city of Milwaukee, in various managerial roles of public works and development related projects. Finally, he has served in the role of the Executive Director of various community development corporations in Milwaukee over a five year period.